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Unsere digitale Assistentin steht Ihnen 24h am Tag zur Verfügung. Sie hilft Ihnen Ihre richtige Auswahl zu treffen.

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Ab jetzt ist unsere digitale Assistentin auch telefonisch für Sie rund um die Uhr verfügbar und hilft bei allen Fragen.

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Onboarding System

Lernen Sie unser Onboarding System kennen und lassen Sie sich von unserem umfangreichen Funktionen überraschen.

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Lernen Sie spielerisch Ihre Lerneinheiten. Messen Sie sich mit Gegnern im Highscore und nutzen Sie wertvolle Lernmethoden.

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Innovation. Integration. Inspiration.

Onboarding programmes & AI Assistants

Together for your success

YOUNEA: Your guide for AI systems, onboarding programmes & online marketing

At YOUNEA, our focus is on maximising your business success through our five core areas: Our specialised onboarding system LëtzOnboard ensures efficient integration of your new employees, our AI systems optimise & automate your processes, we digitise your learning content, optimise your online marketing, develop and improve webshops as well as websites.
By seamlessly integrating your employees through LëtzOnboard and effectively training them, we not only increase their productivity, but also their loyalty to your company. With YOUNEA, you are choosing a partner that combines innovation, integration and inspiration to successfully lead your company into the digital future.

Onboarding | E-LEARNING

Artificial intelligence

LetzTalk & LetzChat

AI. LëtzTalk. LëtzChat.

Test our fully automated AI via chat and live on the phone!

Innovation. Sustainability. Digitalisation.

An innovative onboarding system to optimise your employees’ entry into the company

LëtzOnboard at YOUNEA, which is designed not only for new employees but also for partners and service providers, plays a decisive role in the company’s success. Our system goes far beyond the mere communication of tasks, for example by actively communicating the corporate culture and bringing it to life.

By using methods such as digital AI assistants, flipcards, voice memos, digital teaching content and videos, we create a versatile and interactive learning experience. This holistic approach not only facilitates the integration of all participants into the corporate environment, but also promotes flexible, location-independent learning.

In this way, we strengthen the productivity and long-term loyalty of all employees, external customers and partners to our company.

Sale. Learning content management. Webshop integration.

Global learning with YOUNEA: Turn your knowledge into online courses available worldwide

With YOUNEA, you can prepare your specialised knowledge in a modern learning platform and market your courses worldwide. Our service enables you to effectively digitise teaching content and make it accessible to a global audience. Take the opportunity to turn your expertise into profitable online courses that are available anywhere, anytime. Expand your reach and open up new revenue streams by sharing your knowledge worldwide with YOUNEA.

Sustainable and fast: our solution for your needs

Digitisation of learning content made easy

At YOUNEA, we use the digitalisation of learning materials to create exciting, multimedia online courses. Our e-learning platform offers a diverse learning experience through the use of methods such as flipcards, voice memos and videos. We go beyond the mere delivery of tasks and make learning interactive and entertaining to bring both knowledge and corporate culture to life.

Customer-centred. Competent. Committed.

Our team of experts

Our diverse team at YOUNEA combines expertise in digital AI assistants, onboarding, lead generation and digitalisation of learning content to develop solutions for your company.

Maurice Voigt


Sarina Grosz

Head of NICT

Mischa Schommer


Elena Küppers

Executive assistant / HR

Angelina Boesen

Head of Marketing

Katrin Mergens

Art Director

Irina Platonova

Content Creator

Ella Jost


Thomas Jäger

Product Manager


Head of AI

Sustainable. Digital. Innovative.

Our customers and co-operation partners

We are proud to work with a wide range of companies and organisations that not only value sustainable practices but are also actively driving digital transformation. Find out more about our valuable customers and cooperation partners who share our vision for a sustainable and digitalised future

Stella S.
Stella S.
Sehr freundliches und vor allem kompetentes Personal. Mein Anliegen wurde sofort und mit vollster Zufriedenheit bearbeitet. Top Kunden-Support! Immer wieder, wird man hier schnell und effizient beraten.
A. Rolam.
A. Rolam.
I have received a fantastic e-learning platform and amazing support until now! Thank you for that
Iris Obradovic
Iris Obradovic
Super unkompliziert! Sehr gut erreichbar! Einfach ein klasse Team! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank.
Nicolas Jahnen
Nicolas Jahnen
Sehr freundlich und top Support in allen Bereichen. Immer wieder gerne, sehr zu empfehlen.
Constanze Becker-Linz
Constanze Becker-Linz
Super Service - tolles Team - seht kompetent
Ayse Gül
Ayse Gül
Weiß gar nicht was ich sagen soll …… YOUNEA TEC.. Ich danke vor allem Maurice, der Mann der mir die Webseite NISV FACHKUNDENNACHWEIS erstellt hat .. Nicht nur ,…eine Mail an Ihm und es hat nicht mehr als 5 min gedauert bis die Sache geklärt war .. Dank ihm habe ich sogar vieles dazu gelernt 🙂 Ich danke Dir für alles … und bin froh , dass ich immer noch mit dir zusammen Arbeiten darf ! 💪🏽 ( ich Nerv dich morgen bestimmt wieder 😉) Aysegül Altindal Bash Education

Innovation. Integration. Inspiration.

YOUNEA Blog & News

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The advantages of the digital onboarding process

The benefits of the digital onboarding process for companies and employeesIn today's digital world, where technology is revolutionising the way we work, it is essential for companies to keep up and use innovative approaches to increase efficiency and productivity. One...

Why a structured induction plan is crucial

Why a structured induction plan is crucialThe induction of new employees is a critical process that lays the foundation for their success and productivity in a company. A structured induction plan is crucial here and can make the difference between a smooth start and...

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